Our café just off Kensington high street serves a selection of freshly prepared pizzas, biancas and pastries. Our drink selection runs from Allpress espresso based coffee drinks through to chilled beers and prosecco. Come and say hi to Manue and the crew. Warm welcome always guaranteed.



Caprese (buffalo mozzarella, tomato, basil, extra virgin olive oil)
Vegetale (roasted vegetables, wild arugula, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar)
Asparagi (roasted asparagus, wild arugula, pecorino, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar)
Tonno (tuna, green beans, tomato, black olives, balsamic vinegar)
Salame (Felino salami, roast fennel, wild arugula, extra virgin olive oil)
Prosciutto (parma ham, fontina, wild arugula)


Tomato (plum tomatoes, oregano)
Margherita (plum tomatoes, mozzarella and basil)
Mushroom (plum tomatoes, Pink Paris mushrooms, oregano)
Potato (Spunta potatoes, onion and rosemary)
Courgette (plum tomatoes, courgettes and red onions)
Salame (plum tomatoes, Felino salami, mozzarella)
Napoletana (plum tomatoes, black olives, capers and anchovies)
Pizza Bianca (rosemary and sea salt)
Pizza Bianca Pomodori Secchi (sun dried tomatoes)
Pizza Bianca Olive Neri ed Origano (black olives and oregano)
Foccacia (plain with sea salt)
Foccacia Pomodoro (cherry tomatoes)


Bianca Dolce (pizza Bianca made with raisins and sugar)
Crostata (an Italian jam tart)
Crostata with Walnuts


An assortment of home-made savoury and sweet biscuits

All of our products are handmade. We start with our biga levain (which we have been lovingly nurturing for over 14 years). This gives all of products a rich sourdough flavour rarely tasted in mass produced bread. Nightly we produce over 3,000 loaves which are delivered by our own vans within hours of being baked to our customers, ensuring the freshest, most natural, best tasting bread in the capital.

We also make on of the best burger buns in London, using our skill, experience and quality ingredients to produce an amazing brioche style bun.

Call or email us and we will get a sample box to you.





Raisin & Walnut Bread


Black Olive Bread

Exeter Street Bakery was a long time in the planning, with four years spent searching for the right ingredients, location and bakers before we were ready to serve Londoners the best, authentic artisan Italian bread.

Finally in autumn 2002, Exeter Street started producing a range of Italian breads and pizzas, which we have been supplying to many of London’s best restaurants and hotels as well as discerning delicatessens ever since. We also have our flagship café in West London, which sells our complete range of breads as well as serving fresh pizzas and handmade coffees to the community.

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We’ve just heard that we have got 4 products listed in selected Waitrose stores from the beginning of May. Needless to say we are absolutely thrilled to be supplying one of the best UK food retailers with our loaves.

The new loaves were lovingly created by our own team and we are really pleased with how well they have turned out. Packed full of flavour and the the finest ingredients, the new range is the start of a new phase for us, developing the best highly flavoured breads using only natural ingredients.

We had a long list of over 20 different loaves, including a red wine and raisin, smokey rye and our version of an Italian baked bean loaf – we are hoping that some of these will make it to the shelves sometime soon.


For the shop:

You’ll always find a warm welcome from Manue and the team at our cafe just off High Street Kensington – we’re just behind Tesco. If you need any more information call us on 0207 937 8484 or email shop@exeterstreetbakery.co.uk.

For the bakery:

Our wholesale bakery is in Acton, call us on 0208 992 7748 or email us on bread@exeterstreetbakery.co.uk.